How long do kids with dyslexia need tutoring?

In this article, we discuss the key factor that determines how long kids with dyslexia need tutoring for.

The most important thing to bear in mind is the difference between subject matter tutors and specialist dyslexia tutors.

Subject matter tutors focus on teaching specific subjects, but generally do not have specialist skills for helping dyslexics learn how to learn.

In contrast, true specialist dyslexia tutors teach their students how to learn.

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Thus, if a dyslexic child only has subject matter tutors, they may well need those tutors for their entire academic career. They’ll always be struggling to learn and will likely always need additional support. They’ll always be dependent on their subject matter tutors.

In contrast, the goal of a true specialist dyslexia tutor is to put themselves out of a job.

Their approaches to specialized dyslexia tutoring increase the student’s ability to learn.

As the student develops their cognitive abilities and learning skills, they’ll become more and more independent of their specialist tutor – and need them less and less.

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Once a dyslexic student has developed their own learning skills, they may still benefit from subject-matter tutoring to catch up. But they’ll learn much faster with their subject matter tutors now that they’ve learned how to learn.

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