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Margo Fourman

Founder, Oxford Specialist Tutors
B.Sc., M.Ed., Fellow of the British Higher Education Academy

Despite working in education and being a teacher her entire life, Margo struggled with severe dyslexia and dyspraxia for most of her life. At age 50 she finally discovered how to turn her disability into a superpower. She now supports students around the world in doing the same for themselves.

“Why are you so rude and difficult?!”

Your entire life, people have misunderstood you.

If you’ve read books and followed traditional advice for improving your social skills, you have probably worked out a lot of the rules that people use for social engagement.

Which is a good start...

But you still find social situations stressful, and working with new people challenging.

As you’ve almost certainly realized, no matter how sophisticated you get in developing your ‘social rules of engagement’ sometimes people still don’t behave in the way you expect.

It’s frustrating.

And while learning social rules helps you survive, it doesn’t help you thrive.

Here’s the reality...

Dealing with people in unpredictable social situations is challenging, and the stress of public places or new environments is stressing.

And you may have additional challenges like how many things you can keep in your head at once, difficulty putting ideas into words or following conversations. Many Asperger's people do.

So it’s not just about figuring out social rules and how to apply them.

You need to learn to deal with the overload of interacting with new people and unfamiliar situations in ways that allow you to still think and interact effectively.

The only way to achieve this is to get personal guidance from a specialist Asperger's tutor who actually understands Asperger's, how to manage it, and most importantly, how to work with you to find strategies with clear unambiguous rules that work for you.

It’s not that you’re socially incompetent. It’s that you’ve been following advice that doesn’t give you a complete solution.

Instead of just trying to learn other people’s rules, how about developing ways of interacting with others that play to your strengths while keeping them engaged with you?

For those with Asperger's, there are specific secrets to succeeding in learning and social situations.

Think about it. Asperger's is a genetic trait that has evolved over millions of years and appears everywhere around the world. So it must have an evolutionary advantage, or it would have died out. You just need to learn what that evolutionary advantage is and how to use it to your benefit.

Many of the things you’ve been told are wrong:

  • You’ve probably been told to ‘just ignore’ irritating sounds, smells and even lighting.
    But that takes a lot of brain power and it’s exhausting.
  • A better solution is to manage your environment to remove those distractions... so you can focus on what is really important.
  • To make friends you have to follow their social rules.
  • A better solution is to understand the interplay of your style with others, and develop social rules that work both for you and them.
  • Perhaps the biggest myth of all, Asperger's is not a disability, but rather the ability to see patterns and solutions to problems in ways that other people just cannot.
  • The challenge is to learn to communicate those insights to people who are so socially focused that they cannot keep up with your insightful thinking.

Getting advice from people who don’t deeply understand Asperger's is like bringing an airplane to a car mechanic. They aren’t going to know what to do with it, so they’ll change the oil and send you on your way.

Our specialist Asperger's tutors are the airplane mechanics. We understand how you really are, so we can show you how to turn what others consider a disability into a superpower.

We aren’t here to teach you academic subjects, but to show you how to manage social situations, especially learning environments, so that you can interact and communicate effectively, bringing your full wisdom to others.

Once you learn to manage your social situations to your advantage, you will not just keep up with your classmates, but excel.

Your entire life you’ve been told that your Asperger's is a problem. Our specialist Asperger's tutors will show you how to turn it into a superpower.

If you would like to talk with one of our experts to discuss what would be the best approach to support you with your Asperger's Syndrome, book a free consultation today.

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