ADHD Success Story

While there are simply too many stories to list here, we’d like to share one of the transformations a student with ADHD has gone through after working with Oxford Specialist Tutors.

Through working with Oxford Specialist Tutors, I’ve learned a lot about how my ADHD – Hyperfocus brain works, and how to harness it to my best advantage.

In the mornings, I sometimes wake up in hyperfocus mode, in which case I get straight to work.

But most mornings, I wake up in full-on ADD mode. My brain is filled with a thousand thoughts and ideas, and flits from topic to topic in rapid fire. I cannot focus on one thing, but I am having useful thoughts about everything that’s on my mind. And there are a LOT of things on my mind!

When that happens, I used to try to force myself to focus, but it never worked. And I’d get really stressed in the process.

Now, instead, I let my brain flit around for as long as it needs to – while I take a walk, drink a coffee, or just gaze out of the window.

Once my brain is ready to settle, only then do I bring my focus down to just one thing.

When my brain is ready, that’s really easy to do, and I get into a hyper focused state of extreme productivity. “In the zone” as some people call it.

I’ve also learned that I need time to switch from one focus to another. If I try to switch too fast, again I get stressed out and cannot focus.

So instead, I always take a break between different topics of focus.

Overall, understanding how my brain works, and how to manage my ADD and hyperfocus has made my life a lot less stressful, and a lot more productive.

ADHD – Hyperfocus

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