Will a Tutor Help with Dyslexia?

The short answer is Yes.

But getting good results depends entirely on finding the right tutor (or tutors) for your child.

To help you find the right tutors for your child:

Here are the four essential things to look for in a dyslexia tutor.

And here is a complete guide to the topic of dyslexia.

Once you’ve found the right tutors, dyslexia tutoring can provide enormous help.

In terms of evaluating the potential value of dyslexia tutoring, we believe that actions speak louder than words. 

So, here are examples of just a few of of the transformations our dyslexic students have gone through after working with Oxford Specialist Tutors.


Having both Dyslexia and Asperger’s, I feel that I would never have achieved quite as much as I did if it wasn’t for the ‘free range’ support I received from Margo. Having experienced many different methods of tuition throughout my life, Margo was the only one who appeared to bend the rules when it came to offering me support.

I remember that something as simple as allowing me to stand up and work on my feet really helped me to focus my attention and improve the quality of my work. I would never have thought that something as simple as thinking in my own space would have such an impact on my ability to concentrate.

Nice work Margo!

Dyslexia & Asperger’s



In the short space of one lesson and a brief chat Russel has progressed from being almost dejected about reading to actively asking me to let him write the names of things in our environment on little cards as we go about our daily activities. You really have a wonderful gift! Thank you so much.

Helen, mother of 7 year old Russel
Dyslexia/Autism spectrum



Without Margo, I wouldn’t have gotten my degree. She would listen to me attentively about any issues. I often struggled with putting my thoughts and ideas to paper and she would help me get things down without getting lost in the essay. Margo treats everyone individually based on their specific needs. Without her, I wouldn’t have even considered applying to do my masters.




I have no idea how I would have survived university without Margo. Margo is fantastic in so many ways and will do whatever it takes to get you the results you need. She’ll support you not only in your studies or job, but in your life.




Margo was my dyslexia tutor at university, and changed my life in so many ways, which I’m grateful for. She taught me how to retain information when I read, something I previously had a lot of difficulty with. I also had extreme difficulty with math. Margo figured out the root cause, and while I’ll never be a mathematician (nor want to be), I’m now confident with math and numbers in general.




When I started with Margo, I wasn’t really sure what a specialist tutor could do for me. I had only just been diagnosed as dyslexic, but doing an arts degree I didn’t do much written work. What I didn’t realize was just how valuable it would be to have someone to talk through my ideas with, and to help me organize all my different projects. I doubt I would be getting the grades I am now without her.




Margo always goes above and beyond for her students. She helped me get through my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and I couldn’t have done it without her.




Margo has helped with both my professional and personal development. There’s something about a lesson with her that not only inspires, but fills you with a confidence that words cannot describe. Before meeting Margo I was mostly getting B’s. Now with her help and expertise almost all of my essays are getting an A+. However, despite her knowledge and ability to communicate with my dyslexic and dyspraxic thinking styles, the most important thing that Margo has taught me is to believe in myself. And that is a lesson that I can’t thank her enough for!

Dyslexia and Dyspraxia

Short course via Zoom: How to Understand and Support a Child with Dyslexia

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